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If you prefer to have your home site-built, BluStone Homes can help you create your dream home.

The advantages to this include the flexibility to build on any site, regardless of access or space limitations, and ‘real time’ observation of each step in the building process. Also, design modifications are much easier to make if necessary.

The site-built process begins with an initial meeting to discuss your home plans, specifics, building timeline and expectations. After the site is prepared and the foundation is finished, there’s an inspection to assure quality is up to our standards.

When that’s done, the interior and exterior framing go up, followed closely by the electrical system, HVAC, insulation and roof.

After another inspection and a mid-construction meeting with you, then the drywall, paint, trim, cabinets, countertops, wall tile and driveway are installed.

Finally, all the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC fixtures are put in, the flooring put down and the landscaping or any other final touches are completed.

That’s when we’ll have a second walk through, and you can sign off on your new home’s quality and completion.

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